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At English Nanny we are constantly looking for specialists who are ready not only to invest their time in the work but also their soul.


Vacancies for native speakers from the UK, France

Moscow, within walking distance of the CSKA metro station
RUB 4000-6000 roubles per hour 
Moscow region, 20 kilometres from Moscow (Novaya Riga Schosse)
Salary is negotiable
Outside of Moscow, 18 km down Novorizhskoe shosse. The family is ready to pay for the taxi from Strogino metro
Negotiable (3000-6000 rubes per hour)
Moscow region
150000 rubles per month depending on qualification
Valdai - a town and the administrative center of Valdaysky District in Novgorod Oblast,  386 kilometers from Moscow
GBP 4000 a month
Yushno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
GBP  3500-4500  net per month depending on the qualification
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
3500 -4500 GBP net per month depending on the qualification
Rublevo uspenskoe shosse, outside of Moscow
Salary is negotiable
Paris+ Travelling to London, USA, Switzerland
Salary is discussed
around EUR 7000 per month
Novaya Riga (Outskirts of Moscow)
Salary is negotiable







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