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Personal Assistant / PA

In today's world of business, a manager or owner of any company can be associated with a vast range of responsibilities, some of which he is forced to delegate. For this, the director needs to find a personal secretary, a person who is able to quickly resolve any organizational issues, properly plan the schedule for the day/week/month ahead, prepare materials for any important meetings and take minutes. The person should act politely and tactfully when communicating by telephone and be able to do a variety of tasks such as running personal errands for the head , as well as being the face of the company, and ultimately complementing the company status. For the head, a personal assistant is a trusted person who can be confident in finding the solutions of even the most delicate problems. Compatibility is also very important.

LetТs detail the specifics of these positions and the various roles now: secretary, administrative assistant, office manager and personal assistant to the manager or director/head.

Administrative positions may all have different titles and may operate in many different ways, just as a salesman may also be a supervisor or manager for customer relations or even employees in the store room. In this case, some confusion can arise in the definition of "secretary", "administrative assistant", "office manager" or "personal assistant."

The duties of the Secretary include:

  • Working with corporate email. The secretary should be able to sort the letters and forward them to those who are responsible for the decision making so that those individuals can deal with the relevant points in question.
  • Answer the company phone. Just as in the case of mail, it is important to understand who to connect the caller to. In addition, it is necessary to understand possible unwanted calls and politely decline them.
  • Organization of meetings, negotiations and meetings. This often requires the booking of a room and preparing the necessary materials, testing the functionality of the equipment etc
  • Providing information and alerting the relevant office staff about forthcoming important and significant events.
  • Ordering office supplies and consumables for the office.

Often these duties and responsibilities are not limited to only this: the secretary may often be asked to perform personal requests. For example, to make tea, coffee, or to get the drinking water for the office. To sum up, a secretary is a multitasking professional that requires the applicant to have special skills, abilities and a specific character which can be accommodating , comfortable and put the director's mind at ease.

The duties of an Administrative Assistant include:

  • Working with e­mail, as well as with the Secretary of the director in a professional manner.
  • Using the phone just like a secretary in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Receiving guests and customers.
  • Receiving of documents from courier services.
  • Scanning and copying documents.
  • Booking tickets and hotel reservations at the request of the director.

As we can see, the list of responsibilities has changed a bit, and become a little larger, but the responsibilities are easier than that of her superior. In other words, the assistant performs a remarkable task, which can be handled by a person without a higher or professional education or work experience in an administrative position.

The duties of the Office Manager include:

  • Guidance to the secretary.
  • Guidance for cleaners and couriers.
  • The organization of the office.
  • File organization and storage of documents.
  • Keeping minutes of any meetings.
  • Performing translations on demand for the management.
  • Keeping time sheets.
  • Keeping an individual instruction/performance manual.

This professional position requires appropriate education and work experience. For such a position one needs a confident manager, archivist or a graduate student profile, ready to apply their knowledge in practice. As we can see, the terms of reference have changed to become more specific. However, the wages of office managers differ strongly from the salaries of secretaries and assistants Ц of course it is considerably higher.

The duties of a Personal Assistant include:

  • Providing a full list of duties for the Secretary.
  • Supporting the head during important deals and negotiations.
  • Working with top officials of the company on behalf of the company management.
  • Performing translations on request.
  • The organisation of the working day/week head.
  • Working at the reception desk.

As we can see, the duties of a PA have become more personal, prestigious and also more responsible. Each task requires careful attention from the assistant, and as a result his or her work greatly affects the status of the company and head. Quite often, such a professional position appears in the workbook as "Head`s Secretary."







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