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We deserve your trust

We are very selective when it comes to our candidates. They go through a strict screening process to ensure they are the best of the best. We only place the most professional, qualified and reliable candidates.

We pride ourselves in being able to quickly and confidently understand your exact requirements so we can place you with the best possible candidate.



A good Laundress will keep your cloakroom tidy and clean!

If you have a cloakroom full of brand-name clothing you need a highly-qualified and skilled professional to keep it clean and tidy. English Nanny Agency will help you to find a professional laundress. Use the services of the laundresses who are skilled and experienced in cleaning laundry, ironing clothes. arranging clothes and linen. Your family membersТ dresses and suits will always be in the best condition and you will definitely appreciate the system of arrangement for your clothes all year round.

The benefits of a professional laundressТs work

An experienced laundry specialist will provide the following benefits:

  • clean and nicely ironed clothes
  • both your clothing and shoes will remain in good condition
  • your wardrobe will always be tidy and arranged
  • urgent repairs of your clothes
  • storage conditions as recommended on the label

The textile industry has been constantly developing and there are a lot of new fabrics and materials which have some special features. Some models of clothes consist of different fabrics which require special ironing and cleaning instructions. An experienced laundress knows how to wash or iron your clothes. The laundress will take your clothes to the dry cleaners when needed.

Multiskilled employee or laundress

There are multifunctional employees who can do the laundry, cleaning and cooking. Usually they canТt provide you with a high quality services. A qualified laundress can perform the whole variety of duties to a high level related to your cloakroom.

The best possible arrangement of your wardrobe

If you have a big and diverse wardrobe you will get many advantages from arranging it in the right way. The laundress will arrange your clothes by seasons and keep them in the required storage conditions such as the  correct temperature and humidity for fur and delicate clothes. Fsuch as silk and cashmere.The laundress will help maintain your luxurious items of clothes made of sable or lynx fur remain in the same condition for many years.The  laundress will also polish your shoes. Be sure your VIP-cloakroom will always be in the best condition!

Hire a laundress with our agency

We have been placing domestic staff for many years and all the laundresses have extensive experience and excellent references. We can assure our clients that our laundresses perform all  duties related to laundry, ironing, steaming and mending as well as arranging the clothes and linen and keeping them in appropriate storage conditions.







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