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We deserve your trust

We are very selective when it comes to our candidates. They go through a strict screening process to ensure they are the best of the best. We only place the most professional, qualified and reliable candidates.

We pride ourselves in being able to quickly and confidently understand your exact requirements so we can place you with the best possible candidate.



The modern woman always wants to look attractive, beautiful, sportive, well-groomed, lead an active lifestyle, succeed in the family, be a good mother and have a profession, and at the same time to have a well-planned cozy clean house. It is undoubtedly her right and even a duty before herself and the family.

There are only 24 hours in a day and her powers aren't infinite. For this reason the help of a good housekeeper is absolutely necessary

English Nanny agency offers you trusting and recommended housekeepers Ц together with housemaids, who are responsible, disciplined, and reference checked

It goes without saying that if you let a stranger into your house, your castle, for example a housemaid then it is extremely important to take note from the recruiting criteria mentioned above.

There should be references and recommendation from previous employers.

We guarantee that this employee does not only take the burdensome domestic work, but also will be completely honest, responsible, and discreet meaning that your employee wonТt be sharing your personal information with strangers.

A daily housekeeper will execute her functions according to the schedule made by you. It can be a daily routine or even running errands for you if you wish.

It all depends on the particular family and the desires of the hostess.

The duties of housekeeper are:

  • Cleaning the house, as a daily cleaning, and general cleaning
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Purchasing groceries according to the shopping list
  • Cooking and washing dishes
  • Other work at the request of the employer.

Naturally, there are many possible variations of the role of the housekeeper. The most important point - We (our company) are responsible for our workers during their working time. We are working on theprinciple of a long-term successful cooperation with each  candidate.







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