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We are very selective when it comes to our candidates. They go through a strict screening process to ensure they are the best of the best. We only place the most professional, qualified and reliable candidates.

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Estate Manager

An estate manager is a highly qualified specialist who is the right-hand man of his employer. Due to this key employee, the manager manages any properties with tenants possibly in may different countries arranging things like routine maintenance.

What are the estate managers duties?

The requirements to estate managers depend on the employer. Though there is the list of requirements which are obligatory for this position:

  • people managements skills
  • he should know engineering work
  • ability to conduct accounting and use office equipment

The estate manager maintains the smooth running of electricity, water and gas supply systems as well as the work of the sewerage, heating and ventilation systems. In case of any emergency the estate manager has to deal with it quickly to avoid any possible property damage.

The estate manager manages the household. Hes the head of chefs, gardeners, safeguards, housemaids, drivers. If any building and renovation works take place, the estate manager is in charge of observing and controlling the work of the builders.

The candidate must be able to conduct accounting and make a financial report. The estate manager must purchase the inventory, all the necessary equipment as well as construction materials. The estate manager has to make up an estimate of financial expenses and a workplan daily or weekly.

Additional requirements

The estate manager is also a personal assistant. He is in charge of managing the familys schedule, booking the tickets, collecting mail, controlling and arranging dinners, playdates and cocktail parties. Moreover, the estate manager acts as the HR manager: he is responsible for the working schedule, hiring and firing  of staff. For that reason, he has to know the basics of employment law.

If one the principal's properties is situated in a different country, the estate manager has to know the English language at a very  advanced level. Its preferable for the candidate to have a driving license. Above all that, the priority is given to men with technical education. Not every woman is able to find and seal a leak in the plumbing or mend a fuse.

It goes without saying that doing different assignments shouldnt be confusing for the estate manager. For example, sometimes he has to answer the phone, welcome guests, book the rooms in the hotels, maintain and control  the alarm system and ensure the safety of the whole household. If an estate manager is reliable, he might also be responsible for purchasing farming equipment for upkeeping the surrounding area.

Based on the facts written above, we can see a list of personal qualities which are necessary for estate managers. He must be punctual, responsible, communicative, decisive, prudent and decent. Also he must keep calm in case of a possible emergency. He has to have an analytical way of thinking. Thats why its necessary to entrust the recruitment of this employee to the professionals.







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