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Driver, security

A personal driver: why hire a driver for the family?

In today's world, time is your most valuable resource. You should always be on time for your work, take your children to school or kindergarten, meet friends at the airport or pick up your wife after a friendly gathering. It is very difficult to deal with all of these different moments in your life without professional help. It's real life , because typically you might forget about your own free time and favorite training time in the gym, favorite hobbies, and other useful or enjoyable experiences. What a shame!

To save time and spend it as efficiently as possible, more and more people are choosing a personal driver service nowadays. These people look for a Professional who knows the business well, sets you free from delays, and who can even become a personal assistant and security guard, not just for your own family, but even for your relatives or close friends.

What is the benefit of hiring a family driver?

Before, the personal driver used to be a required "attribute" of businessmen or high­ranked officials. Today the situation has changed and almost all important business people use the services of a personal driver and because of this the personal assistant does not have to waste time finding a taxi, making the family wait to deal with his wife's and children's affairs. Plus, the professional drivers know the roads and journey planning better than any car enthusiast, so you can avoid traffic jams at rush hour and save valuable minutes or hours on the travel time.

During the journey with your personal driver, you may want to discuss business matters on the phone, get acquainted with the current news, to communicate with loved ones, or search for new ideas for your business development.

If your children or wife want to go somewhere without you (which is often the case with successful and busy people), it is necessary to provide them with a safe and trustworthy driver ,comfortable conditions and also to provide adequate protection, to protect against any possible trouble or discomfort. This can all be achieved by having your own personal driver. It is not always necessary to employ close protection/ security agents who might follow or be beside the heels of your loved ones: one person can often suffice as a reliable and professional family chauffeur. As a result, the family feels safe, even if the father of the family is away from the home and busy with his work.

Why are personal drivers in such high demand?

The popularity of becoming a chauffeur can be seen from two sides: among job seekers and among those who want a personal driver. The first(job seekers) tend to search for this type of work because the salary ranges from $ 600­750 . The latter tend to want to find a family driver with experience who can also delegate responsibilities to other household/business employees (which ultimately frees between1.5 to 4 hours a day!).

In addition to their regular duties for the family, the driver can also address and solve any pressing problems. It would be he for example who might go to the supermarket to buy food, household items, pick up dry cleaning, perform small tasks, protect your loved ones whilst you are not around. The result is not just having a driver, but an assistant who could prove his worth as his own weight in gold! However, the employer will have to increase the number of the employees: drivers who also perform assignments that are not related to their general duties are earning between $ 800­1200.

A family driver is a very popular profession today. He should be a person who knows this field and who can performs several different duties. Therefore, it is important to choose a highly qualified specialist, who knows the key professional skills required. Usually, a personal driver must have such qualities as:

  • Long­term experience of driving cars;
  • Good personal qualities such as : being responsible, having good self control and never having any alcohol dependence, attentiveness, politeness, kindness;
  • He should always look neat and tidy.


There are many things that might concern you that depend on the quality and reliability of your driver which in turn could protect the health and safety of not only yourself but also for your nearest and dearest. Therefore, the driver must be a professional: he is certainly one of the most important employees and assets any businessman can have ,so that you can ensure the safety, comfort and protection for your family from the various elements one might encounter from day to day. Your family will be grateful for such caring concerns as providing a personal driver for them who will help them manage their time properly, and who will be able to perform security and personal assistant duties.







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