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We deserve your trust

We are very selective when it comes to our candidates. They go through a strict screening process to ensure they are the best of the best. We only place the most professional, qualified and reliable candidates.

We pride ourselves in being able to quickly and confidently understand your exact requirements so we can place you with the best possible candidate.


Domestic family couple

When domestic servants are in fact a family couple ,everything becomes easier and better coordinated.

A big house is a big responsibility. If youve chosen an unqualified servant, you can have even more problems than without him.

Thats why a domestic servants recruitment process is a very serious and complicated series of events. Even your own friends personal recommendations or reference cant guarantee that the employed servant will completely meet your requirements.

In the English Nanny database youll be able to find a superb range of candidates. For example, a domestic couple who can professionally organize both their own work and also their subordinate servants work.

In the English Nanny agency you can find a family couple with a professional education. For example, he can be an experienced teacher and he could also be a butler with  extensive experience.

Two as One

Hiring servant family couples is becoming more and more popular. And the requirements for the candidates are really high. Servants should be honest, very diligent and professional.

As a rule, a domestic family couple lives in the employers house or in the special servants house nearby.

Its convenient for the employer and for the workers themselves. The house owner knows that his household is run properly, and the servants don't need to commute between their work and home.

Also, the servant family couple who have worked together for a long time guarantee that the work around the house will be done properly,dilgently and on time. Teamwork is already in place .

They already know their partners skills and abilities very well so that they can effectively distribute the duties between each other and do everything needed in the best time possible.

A servant family couple can be hired for different positions (depending on their experience). They can simply be basic servants (e.g. a gardener and a laundress) or an experienced house manager and housekeeper.

The most important thing is that servants should be able to do everything thats required. Working in a mansion is totally different from basic household chores. It is

hard and exhausting work.

An experienced domestic family couple can be even responsible for the financial management in the house. A house manager and a housekeeper can pay taxes, order food, prepare reporting documentation and effectively run the household. 

If you need domestic servants for country house where you dont live permanently, a domestic couple is an ideal variant. There would be no miscommunication or any personal dislikes. The couple will do everything effectively: a man can be responsible for the security, fix broken things, a woman will run the household and keep the garden and pets.

A Typical Domestic Couple:

  • They are officially married
  • They are middle-aged or a bit older (theyve got enough life and professional experience)
  • No physical or psychological disabilities
  • No bad habits
  • Clear police check
  • No children or children who live separately
  • College or university education.
  • Can use PC and household appliances.

The domestic couple should be

  • Diligent
  • Respectable
  • Polite
  • Stress-resistant

Also, they need to love what they do.

Best of the Best

Choosing domestic staff keep in mind that you entrust them not only your property and wealth, but also your social image. They are responsible for your household and your family. Thats why it is so important that the servants should be real professionals. And we can find those elite specialists!







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