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We deserve your trust

We are very selective when it comes to our candidates. They go through a strict screening process to ensure they are the best of the best. We only place the most professional, qualified and reliable candidates.

We pride ourselves in being able to quickly and confidently understand your exact requirements so we can place you with the best possible candidate.


Country House Manager

A house manager is like your very own universal soldier who serves to keep everything in order.


A country house upkeep requires a lot of time and effort. When the house owner returns back home he has to be sure that the household is being run effectively,that everything at home is alright and the domestic staff are waiting for him and his family. And it doesnt matter for how long they stay, for a week, a month or just one night.


An experienced and professional house manager (Major d'omo) has always been a rare and needed specialist, as he is responsible for the whole household stability and family welfare.


In the 21st century houses have became very smart, with a lot of multifunctional household appliances. But there are no smart houses that can be as effective as an experienced, energetic and hardworking house manager.


Only a qualified Major d'omo can keep your country house in perfect order. The mansion and the gardens around it will look perfect, all the necessary duties around the house would be already done, all the necessary documents all ready.


House Managers Duties:


The list of duties depends on the employers requirements. But the most common are:

  • Hiring domestic servants, their preparation and management
  • Ability to run the household, responsibility for its security and wellbeing
  • Ability to use all household appliances
  • Finance management, paying taxes, prepare repors and documentation
  • Scheduling duties: to organize and plan holidays and family events
  • Responsibility for the garaging and organising maintenance of family vehicles


Also, a house manager can be a personal driver or the employers right hand man.


Everything at Once


A house manager is the familys right hand man. He is a reliable person who is responsible for your household stability and security.

You should feel very lucky to find a really professional house manager with extensive experience. The personal qualities are also important! He should be diligent, polite, disciplined, stress-resistant and creative. He has to be a good communicator to manage the domestic staff effectively.


Quite often a good house manager begins his career as a basic domestic servant, and thats why his wealth of work experience turns out to be more important than any special education.


So, if you dont have enough time to nurturea professional house manager yourself be sure to ask a recruitment agency for a help.

English Nanny has lots of experience hiring house managers all over the world. Your acquaintances references cant always guarantee that the employed house manager will completely meet your exact requirements. A professional agency will carefully check the candidates background and choose the best of the best. Your security totally depends on the house managers personal and professional qualities. Furthermore, your peace of mind  is equally important . That is priceless !.







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