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We deserve your trust

We are very selective when it comes to our candidates. They go through a strict screening process to ensure they are the best of the best. We only place the most professional, qualified and reliable candidates.

We pride ourselves in being able to quickly and confidently understand your exact requirements so we can place you with the best possible candidate.



The English Nanny Company has extensive experience in the  selection trained butlers from Russia, Great Britain,France, and Italy  for the high profile families around the world.

Butlers have always been in demand in the rich estates, private estates of aristocrats throughout Europe since  from the XI century. These responsibilities included: the selection and training of workers, the organization of all household maintenance, keeping the wine cellar in exemplary form, as well as the keeping of registers for the fulfillment of personal errands for head of the family. In pre-revolutionary Russia a butler (senior waiter) was an important figure in the noble estates, controlling the whole country estate.

Modern butler

Since the 80s of the XX century the demand for skilled butlers, with experience of managing households and organizational skills has significantly increased. The wealthy families, including in our own country, need effective management of gardens, land and property. At the same time the butler must have a number of skills as rather strict requirements:

  • Absolute honesty ,integrity and punctuality;
  • Higher education (preference is given to engineers and managers);
  • Reliability and attention to detail; tact, full adherence to etiquette and respect  all the mysteries of the family, which he serves;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Knowledge of accounting frameworks;
  • Experience of personnel management  and real estate management;
  • Self-esteem.

Most of the butlers are men having great previous experiences and  professional training in special courses and training in the major hotels, private hotels and country estates. In this case positive recommendations, certificates and diplomas will carry a lot of weight in hiring th right candidate. Our specialized recruiting agency leads a rigorous selection for candidates for the position of butler. All of them possess expertise in this specialised area and years of experience and have excellent  references. Do you need  to effectively manage a household in the country ? We will find the right candidate for you!

Responsibilities of the butler

The professional duties of senior butler  is significantly wide and can vary depending on the

preferences and requirements of the hosts. Performing assigned functions to manage the household, the butler is responsible for the selection of staff in the country mansion and controls the work of staff.

The butler provides supervision of the wellbeing of technical systems in the building  and the surrounding land,

Prepares the house ready for the arrival of the hosts, organizes and conducts a variety of activities: dinners,birthdays,and banquets, supervising the work of the chef.

On behalf of the owners  he greets and meets  visitors.

The butler has an active part in the design of the hall and  table settings, serving dishes, drinks and seating the guests.

He supervises  the wine cellar, taking timely measures to  preserve and replenish the collection of luxury brands.

He conducts all business with suppliers, monitors any  repair work on the estate, and keeps a close eye on everything ,so that is running smoothly.

He is in charge of documentation (receipts, bills, invoices  etc.)

The Butler often takes his  personal commands  from  the principal and organizes trips for him, the family and guests, ensuring their safety and comfort.

He keeps  records of all income and expenses within which is  entrusted to him  for  household budget control and controlling the family budget, monitoring  other property, including yachts, garages, cars. The butler can either  come to the country estate every day(Except holidays) or permanently reside within the property..

Efficient staff recruitment

The Candidates looking for a position of butler in the international agency English Nanny are professionals with long-term experience. They have the special knowledge confirmed with diplomas and certificates. Having a  perfect reputation is very important and he should possess  excellent  organizational skills allowing  them to operate wholly competently  in any country house possibly with adjacent land which is ripe for development.

Do you need an effective senior butler for your estate? Contact us. We will find the butler who will organize a household or country mansion to the highest possible level.







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