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We deserve your trust

We are very selective when it comes to our candidates. They go through a strict screening process to ensure they are the best of the best. We only place the most professional, qualified and reliable candidates.

We pride ourselves in being able to quickly and confidently understand your exact requirements so we can place you with the best possible candidate.


Private chefs for vip families

English Nanny Agency will select a quality and fully qualified private chef for your family and guests according to your own detailed wishes

A professional and personal chef from the English Nanny agency is a privilege only available to a limited circle of people.

We offer you the best chefs from Russia, Italy, France and the United Kingdom, all of whom could enhance your quality of life and will free the time of your usual home hostess from the burdens of endless cooking for the family, numerous guests and domestic staff.

In addition, there are many people who really care about their health and wish to follow special diets, which may prolong life, whilst improving their overall level of health.

A personal or family cook not only assures you of a high quality of food preparation and therein the pleasure of eating, but will also bring quality food products to your home at reasonable prices, providing the family with truly healthy, nutritional and delicious meals 24 hours a day.

Our chefs have excellent references from previous employers and have great experience in cooking supported by well earned diplomas and international certificates of competence.

The chefs from France and Italy, carefully maintain the sacred traditions of their national cuisine, with a perfect mastery of preparing and presenting the entirety of probably the widest palette and selection of national cuisines in the world. This will bring a wonderful variety into your life and will please even the most discerning connoisseurs of gastronomic delights. These professionals can use the most simple of products, yet are able to produce stunning and mouth-watering meals to your very own table.







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