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We deserve your trust

We are very selective when it comes to our candidates. They go through a strict screening process to ensure they are the best of the best. We only place the most professional, qualified and reliable candidates.

We pride ourselves in being able to quickly and confidently understand your exact requirements so we can place you with the best possible candidate.



A nanny-tutor ­ is a friend of your child that you should have faith in to trust the safety, health and early childhood development of your beloved child. In this regard, it is extremely important for a nanny that she has good professional and personal psychological characteristics. Love to children and to people around, and empathy is an indispensable condition, under which the nanny will become for at least some time, practically a member of your family.

In some countries, including Russia for example it is accepted to choose an employee only according to the recommendation of acquaintances. It is a quite good and commonly accepted practice, but, as a rule, such system often fails and can also absolutely get it wrong, and in the end it can achieve non­optimal results because it is based on the bias of friendly references, besides, often recommendations are performed by third hands. For the market of nannies, the women having the children and grandchildren are widespread, but it does not guarantee anything about their professionalism: we canТt even make sure with regards to the education of their own children.

Besides, it is quite often just for elderly people, or temporarily unemployed who often undertake such work, and this work is just simply convenient for them. Such candidates do not have many differences in professionalism or in the field of education of children and the care of them, but they are ready to work for a small salary, practically at crushing terms.

The Nannies of English Nanny Agency have a combination of high professionalism, good manners and heavy magnitude of responsibility for the child and the process of his/her education. Our professional nannies have a specialized education in the field of children's development and children's psychology; it can be both serious ambition and a vocational pedagogical education.

This gives the knowledge of practical experience in the field of physical and social development, education, plus the intellectual and emotional needs of children of different ages. Our nannies master the questions of complex care for children, they understand health issues and hygiene, and they are ready to give pre­medical help to the child, being guided in symptomatology of the most often widespread children's illnesses. The nannies will provide a harmonious development for the identity of the child, and is well educated to provide guidance in children's psychological and emotional needs. A professional nanny is able to react appropriately in any conflict situations and is able to smooth any conflicts between children and parents, even by sometimes simply anticipating them. A professional nanny is first of all competent in the care of a small child. Moreover, itТs a possibility to find a common language with the child as she learns the personality and interests of the child. Besides, nannies are accustom children to learn good manners and etiquette, watch and impart to children personal discipline in accordance with the ideas of the parents of the child. Our nannies accompany children with parents during trips abroad; at the same time some parents can sometimes wish to leave the nannies with the child confidently if they go abroad for some time, and then come back to them knowing they have been in safe hands. It is a natural, that the nannies completely follows the instructions of parents ,though in certain cases conflicts can arise regarding different points of view regarding question relating to care of the child and his /her education. Of course, the last word always remains with the parents, especially, if they are united in their opinions.

We emphasize that the nanny ­ is not just a nanny; she is a two­in­one, both caring for the child and his/her intellectual and emotional development. A professional nanny is very flexible thanks to psychological preparation and education which she has received during training, and with work experience with different families, so that it can be tactfully built in to a family and the intra family relations, supporting the authority of the parents and not usurping their role. An important obligation is to register important details in the contract before she begins to work.

The nanny approves and controls the daily routine of the child, monitors their hygiene regime, gives healthy food, gives educational and development instruction, goes for walks with the child, according to wishes of a family and needs/character of the child. Her functions can include if necessary cooking healthy meals for the child. Everything that has a direct bearing on the children and their life is a part of her duties. Many nannies can also be babysitters, but if you want, so that the nanny is permanently with the child, she needs to allocate a particular room in the house or indeed the country house.







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