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Dear parents, here you can find a lot of useful information about raising a bilingual child. We will help and guide you towards the right specialist who will be able to teach your child to speak like a native



Questions and answers


How much time should a little child spend with an English nanny to start speaking English?

The theoretical and observational research has  proved that 30% of the whole waking time of a small child  in the language environment is enough for the child  to master the language

How many languages can a child learn? If for example an English and a French governess will be working with him, does this mean that my child will speak 3 languages?

Speaking 3 languages from early childhood is normal in many families. For instance, the majority of the Swiss speak  3 languages  fluently since they were small children  In  artificial language environment  conditions this is real too, and we have many successful examples of this practice.

Is there a pre-disposition for the  child for his family language or he will speak the language which is spoken around him?

No, there are no special genetic pre-dispositions for any language. The child will speak the language that other people speak to him.

When is it better to start to learn a second language, so that the  child would master it as a fluent language?

The sooner you start, the better it will be! Children under 6 years are linguistic geniuses, so donТt miss the moment.

I'm bothered that my child will get perplexed if we start teaching him English before starts to confidently speak his native language  Ц  Russian

Well, there will be a transitory period when the child will use some words from one language and some from another. But don't worry, it's a temporary phenomenon, the child will understand very quickly what language should he used and when.

Should the other members of the family speak English when there is an english nanny in the house?

It is up to you if you speak English or not. On one hand  for the child who grows in a russian-speaking environment it is useful to understand that he may speak English not only with his nanny. On the other hand, if a parent chooses to speak English, he mustn't mix the two languages! Because it will cause a confusion in the child's head. Use the proven teaching method: one person Ц one language.

Is it possible  a child may not start to speak Russian, in the case where an English nanny attends him all the time?

WeТve never seen this in our experience. If the child is raised in a Russian-speaking environment he will start to speak Russian.

Where can I buy learning materials, books for children in English etc.?

We recommend  that you  ask the nanny to buy all the learning materials needed before she comes to meet your family. You would transfer her some money for this purpose beforehand or you would refund her money upon her arrival. Also, there are many useful and developmental materials on the internet. We can provide you with some useful links. Furthermore, you are welcome to visit our on-line shop for English books for children.


How does the communication between the English nanny and family happen if nobody in the family speaks English?

You can always call our agency and we will discuss all the main questions, should it come from you or your employee. Some routine questions  can easily be solved with the help of an online translator.

What should we  do if one of the adult members of the family dislikes the idea of bilingual education?

Once youТve made the decision for bilingual education, tell this member of the family to keep his  opinion to  himself and never say negative things in front of the learning child! This can upset the child so that he might stop using one language. Give your relative some informative books to read, so that he would understand how the idea of the bilingual education is useful for the child.

Is it possible that the nanny might be able to  teach English not only to the child but also to other members of his family?

If  you need English lessons, it is possible, just discuss it in advance with your employee. Besides, mothers who are permanently near their child who is learning English make great achievements themselves. The nanny repeats foreign words many times, sings happy children's songs, etc.

WouldnТt the child get afraid of an unknown person who speaks another incomprehensible language?

Every child is individual. Highly qualified nannies and governesses know how to approach different children, they have been studying both theory and practice  for 3 years at college. A period of adaptation is possible, and occasionally the help of your Russian-speaking nanny would be needed.

I have Russian nannies. How should I integrate their work with the English nanny?

In the beginning, a Russian nanny can help the child to get used to a new person. Therefore, think about gradually leaving your child in the company of the  foreign nanny only and separate the working time sof the Russian and  English nanny. The arrival of a highly-qualified staff is sometimes taken painfully. Other staff notices that she makes more money for no big reason and is nearly useless. Usually, the problems are not dramatic, but maybe important, for example, let's say there's a cushion missing. We recommend that you and your specialist should tell each other in a calm and correct manner about what is bothering you. The confidential and mutually respectful relationship between you and the foreign specialist is the key to a long-term and fruitful cooperation.

For how long do the nannies (governesses) take their holidays?

In general, the nannies (tutors) take their holidays for 30-35 days. You should specify if the selected specialist is to work on the national holidays. Besides, the English do not include their days-offs in their holidays.

Should I provide the food for the nanny or the governess?

Usually, at work the nanny takes her meals with the child. But there are cases when the nanny buys and cooks the food for herself. You do not have to provide meals for the nanny outside her working time, if she can go shopping, buy herself food and cook it.

Can a nanny cook?

Yes, the qualified nannies are especially taught and know  very well what is a regular and healthy nutrition. But, pay attention  to the fact that your national  cuisine and the British cuisine can be different.

What if the child refuses to play with English nanny?

In the beginning  this is a normal scenario , there is a new unknown person in the house, additionally, this person speaks a different language. The period of adaptation can last  for a number of weeks. The help of parents and of the local language speaking nanny is very important in this situation.

Can an English nanny use the underground?

Yes, she can. Our agency will explain the way it  works and will ensure she understands it.

Will the English nanny dictate her opinions to me ?

A highly qualified specialist understands that a family may have its own traditions and behavioral standards. Still, the specialist will tell you diplomatically what she might prefer to do in a different manner. To accept her opinion or not is up to you. The specialist will coordinate all her actions with you, especially in the beginning.

Can I add specifications into the  contract?

Obviously, it is impossible to have everything written in the contract. If your demands are reasonable, usually you can arrange them with your employee. For instance, if you need your nanny to stay with your child at night, but itТs not written in the contract, an additional financial motivation and the specifics of your concerns in advance usually solves the problem.

When can I leave the child alone with the nanny (the governess)?

In terms of language, the sooner the nanny and the child start to spend time together without other people around, the better the result of a bilingual education. If a child has an opportunity to speak his native language, he loses the motivation of learning English. From the psychological point of view, you should give a period of adaptation to your child. It's length is different for every child, from one day to several weeks.


What living conditions should I provide for the nanny, governess?

Usually, foreign specialists live in a separate studio apartment or in a separate room, offered by her employer.

Can the nanny (governess) live in the same room with the child?

This is possible, but it raises the fee and reduces the quantity of candidates interested in the position. In this case, it is recommended that the nanny would have 1-2 days-off when she could live separately from the family and have a rest.

We are ready to rent a separate apartment for our nanny, but who would locate it?

Our agency can select a studio apartment for your nanny not far from the work place.


Who is responsible for the visa?

The employer does the visa support and pays the expenses but the agency can arrange the whole process if needed.

How long does it take to complete the  visa process ?

It depends on the country. In Russia for example the most popular, the cheapest and the fastest one is the three-month business visa with two entries. We can complete it in 5-6 working days. A year-long working visa can be completed within 4 weeks approximately.








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