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Dear parents, here you can find a lot of useful information about raising a bilingual child. We will help and guide you towards the right specialist who will be able to teach your child to speak like a native


First aid certificate

First aid courses are obligatory during the course of childrenТs development studies.

Many specialists  obtained this education a long time ago or they have learnt it whilst obtaining  their certificate for higher teacher`s studies. This is a special knowledge that will never be worthless  working with children whatever their age is. As for you, you can ask your candidate to refresh his first aid studies if you wish. In Great Britain, these courses take 3-5 days and 15-40 hours approximately.

First aid is a variety of very simple medical actions that should be rendered directly at the site of occurrence and as soon as possible after an accident. For example, when a child  is choking it is strictly forbidden to put fingers into his mouth and try to take out an object with the use of fingers which may push the object further down the throat, because these actions can lead to irreversible consequences.

According to statistics, in 90% of cases ,first aid is given to the people you know well Ц to your relatives, to your friends and to the people you know. And only in 10% of cases is first aid is rendered to an unknown person, for example, to a person  who has had an accident in a street.

World experience testifies a great efficiency of any employees who have previously learnt the first aid principles. This knowledge lowers the risk of any negative consequences for the injured who have an accident. We recommend that a specialist who works with children takes these courses every 2-3 years.









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