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Dear parents, here you can find a lot of useful information about raising a bilingual child. We will help and guide you towards the right specialist who will be able to teach your child to speak like a native


Diplomas in Childcare and education


Diploma in Childcare and Education a two-year curriculum  based on the education of children under 7 y.o. It includes subjects regarding physical and intellectual development of the child, first aid studies, communication with parents and  real time practice of working with children.


Advanced Diploma in Childcare Education- this is a more advanced  level of training  for children's education and development. This course is available only for experienced workers. The disciplines are: An advanced course of studies working with children and also of children who have special needs such as Autism or Asperger's syndrome . The specialists who graduate in this course possess enough knowledge for any educational work. Usually, these types of specialists work as senior managers in kindergartens and nurseries.


Business & Technology Education Council Diploma. Many academic disciplines are taught in this course, including teaching options, care options, social work options and working with children options.

This is a full-time two-year curriculum which differs from the BTEC- National Certificate in Childhood Studies that is a simpler one-year course designed for experienced workers. The BTEC qualification authorises  those in posession  of the said diploma to work as kindergarten tutors or as nannies.


The NNEB diploma belongs to students who`ve graduated  from a full-time two-year course designed for work with children under 7 y.o. This qualification is considered to be the most widely recognised in the field and it allows  a student to get not only the theoretical knowledge, but also some practical experience regarding the  physical and social development  regarding children`s education ,the intellectual and emotional needs of children of different ages. In this curriculum, subject matters include  health and hygiene, learning through play skills together with organization and first aid  skills which are also part of the curriculum.The holders of this diploma are qualified to work in a kindergarten or to  work as a nanny.


National Vocational Qualifications-  specialist studies  of 15 topics, including the ability to work  independently with children without  the parent's control.


The GNVQ curriculum replaces A levels in the British Educational System. It is established by the municipal administration and the municipal guild and its aim is childrens education and development studies.

GNVQ have levels 2, 3 and 4 and can take 2 years of studies with a practical experience is offered to its students. The curriculum includes:

Level 2: competence in questions of children`s emotional and social development. This qualification is enough to start the childrens development career, for a work in a kindergarten or a work as a nanny helping a mother.

Level 3: consist of 15 blocks, one of which includes how to work with children without their parents aside and the help for families.

Grosso modo, this qualification equates NNEB. This specialist is completely qualified for work as a nanny.

Level 4: organization of plays and leisure time and other staff management. This qualification allows to perform a big variety of duties in the work with children.


The Council for Awards in Childcare and Education is a one-year curriculum   that includes 14 diverse options on theory and practical experience of childrens development. These certificate owners are considered to be fully qualified for working with children.

MATERNITY NURSE TRAINING (MNT) This qualification is important while recruiting a qualified nanny for a newborn. Generally, only qualified nurses graduate in this field. The early months of a childs life is a very happy period, but  can also be very anxious too. The baby is so fragile and delicate that even his parents are often worried about making some  mistakes.  Newborn care skills can be gained with the help of theoretical and observational studies .On the  job experience and good recommendations are especially important for nannies regarding newborn recruitment. Moreover, this kind of qualified nanny can give psychological support to a young mother may be stressed after  childbirth.







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