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Ref.N 5159/ Active English Native Nanny for Sofia, Bulgaria || Boy 2; Newborn || Rota Schedule || Negotiable salary

Salary: Negotiable salary


The family is looking for an active English Native Nanny for 2 boys - a 2-years-old and a newborn (he's 2 months old now).

They will provide decent payment, accommodation in a separate apartment in the center of Sofia, payment for flights, meals, as well as driver services.

The family lives in the city of Sofia in Bulgaria. They want their children to be open-minded, creative and bright persons who have their own opinion based on their own judgments. They want their children to have a wide range of interests, a wide outlook. They are a Russian-German couple, it is crucially important for them that the nanny cultivates the love of different cultures, in particular of the German culture (fairy tales, poems, music). The parents also want the children to remember their happy childhood full of joy and laughter. If you are a creative person who’s passionate about children, able to see and reveal the talents in them, if you are a trustworthy and honest person currently looking for a job, then perhaps this job is for you.

Requirements for the nanny:

- qualification in teaching, experience working with children

- native level of the English  language

- qualification in music is an advantage, as well as the experience of teaching music to children

- qualification in drama

- cooking skills, knowledge of children's menu

- knowledge of various methods of development of children;

- active, fun, creative, playful. The family prefers nanny who can play a lot with the child.

- competent speech

- privacy

- able to do small chores in case of need

- willingness to learn, to improve their qualification at different trainings and seminars

- The family conisders candidates  from 30 years old

SCHEDULE : rota schedule (approximately 2 weeks on 2 weeks off , but it can be discussed), number of hours is negotiable

SALARY: Salary is negotiable

LOCATION : Sofia , Bulgaria





Please contact ko@englishnanny.org, attach your current CV, photo and references. Also, state your current location and availability


Ref.N 5159


rota schedule (approximately 2 weeks on 2 weeks off , but it can be discussed), number of hours is negotiable


Salary is negotiable


Sofia , Bulgaria

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