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Ref.N/5082 English Governor/Governess with fluent French or French Governor/Governess with Fluent English For Boy 6 years old   in Geneva from middle of May  ||  6/1 or  14 days on /14 days off ;  unfixed working hours || GBP 250 per day

Salary: GBP 250 per day


A very intelligent and well-mannered family  is looking for a bilingual English/French governor/governess for the boy 6 years  old from middle of May

The boy is fluent in English, he can speak French.

The family considers English candidates with fluent French or French candidates with fluent English.

The family prefers to consider male candidates ,but they are open to consider female candidates as well.

The governor/-ess is to be a role model for the boy. The candidate is to be easy going and capable of following the rules in the house listening to the parents and grandparents.


SCHEDULE: 6/1 or  14 days on /14 days off ;  unfixed working hours

ACCOMMODATION: accommodation is discussed

SALARY:   250 pounds per working day


Х preferred age - 25-35 years

Х active and easygoing candidates possessing such qualities as ease of communication, cheerful disposition, goodwill and positive attitude are considered

Х Native English with fluent French or native French with fluent English

Х The knowledge of any additional foreign languages  is the advantage for the candidate

Х Academic achievements (E.g., high score in mathematics, personal achievements in something)

Х Education in early childhood and PGCE in early years is a plus but not a must

Х Only the candidates based in Switzerland or candidates who have residence permit in Switzerland are considered

Х experience of working in a family and good references

Х ability to work under control of the grandmother

Х Current DBS and First Aid certificates.

Х the candidate is not to smoke and not to drink alcohol during the work





Please contact ko@englishnanny.org, attach your current CV, photo and references. Also, state your current location and availability


Ref.N 5082




6/1 or  14 days on /14 days off ;  unfixed working hours


250 pounds per working day

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