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Ref.N/5009 Native English tutor for Novaya Riga (Moscow region) || Girls 10 and 12  ||4 hours on Sunday || 5000-6000 RUB/hour

Salary: 5000-6000 RUB/hour


Native English tutor/governess for the Russian family, to educate 2 girls aged 10 and 12.


- Female British candidates , age between 30 and 45

- A degree in psychology or education

- Well-spoken

- Reference letters from previous employers

- Charismatic, strong personality

Areas of responsibility:

1. Drawing up weekly and monthly schedules for the girls, taking into account their school, clubs, tutors and cultural events (theaters, cinema, museums). Everything must be approved by the parents. Monitoring compliance with these schedules. Coordination of the schedule with other staff members (drivers, nannies, tutors).

2. Assigning weekly extracurricular homework (reading books, learning new information, etc.). Overseeing homework.

3. Development, organization and conduct of educational classes about "Famous personalities and their life path amidst historical and cultural events". You must select 10 famous people (Russian and foreign nationals) from history, politics, science, business, literature, art, etc. and focus on the following facts from their life:

- how they secceeded

- their family and children

- the fate of their descendants: who they became and whether they were able to use the advantages they received from their famous parent/ancestor at a start of life.

Organizing, conducting and controlling the following items of the daily routine:


1) Lunch and dinner: control and correction of their behavior at table (by giving a personal example)

2) Overseeing preparation of clothes for the next school day (girls prepare their own clothes)

3) Overseeing bedtime preparation and evening hygiene

4) Overseeing cleaning of private rooms and bathrooms (girls do the cleaning themselves)

5) overseeing general clean-up of the girlsТ personal wardrobes: it is necessary to lay out all the contents of the wardrobe, wipe the shelves with a damp cloth, put the clothes back, throw away unnecessary things or prepare them for donation to those in need. The girls look after their wardrobes on their own.

6) Making sure the girls follow the familyТs tradition: they shouldnt throw away or put aside 7 unnecessary things (pencil, eraser, toys, item of clothing, etc.). Those items must be prepared for donation to those in need or to state kindergartens.


Overseeing homework (school program)

Going to the cinema, theatres, visiting museums

Reading books for 30 minutes after dinner

Running tutoring sessions on the topics listed above

Girls should not be left to themselves and have private time.

Working days: 4 hours on sunday

Conditions of employment:

Meals together with the girls

It is necessary to pass drug, psychological and STD tests. Tests and medical examinations must be performed at a clinic where tests and examinations are done in order to obtain a driverТs license

If necessary, pass a polygraph test

The salary will be paid directly to the governessТs bank account

During the interview, logistics and work during the holidays will be discussed

Salary: 5000-6000 RUB/hour

Location: Novorizhskoe highway, 11 kilometres from MKAD (Moscow region)


Please contact tb@englishnanny.org, attach your current CV, photo and references. Also, state your current location and availability









Novaya Riga (Moscow)


4 hours on Sunday

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