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Ref.N/4934 English governess for Russia and travelling || 4 years old girl ||  2 weeks on \ 2 weeks off  or 3 weeks on / 3 weeks off depending on the family needs  , 8 hours a day || 250 pounds per day

Salary: 250 pounds per day


English governess for 4 years old girl

SCHEDULE: rota 2 weeks on /2 weeks off  or 3 weeks on /3 weeks off depending on the family needs

8 working hours per day

REQUIREMENTS: native English speaker, flexible, active, able to travel with the family (Russia, Ukraine, Europe), 30-40 years old, teaching experience & degree in education

Female candidates are considered

It would be preferably if a candidate goes for a trial period , a candidate will take some present for the girl in order to find an approach to the child. 

As It will be a stress for the child, as the child doesnt speak any English , and it would better find approach through the child's interest .

The girl likes doll LOL, Silvana family- small figures

The  child likes fast dancing, it is neccessary to dance

The child likes puzzles, she likes small  figures animals ( not soft toys).

The child doesnt like slimes

The family needs funny governess , not strict as a teacher

DUTIES: teach English to the child, provide full care for the child, develop the child in accordance with the child's age

SALARY:  250 pounds per day 

Accommodation: separate apartment

Location: Russia and travelling (Kiev, Crimea)


Please contact ko@englishnanny.org , attach your current CV, photo and references. Also, state your current location and availability


Reference no.



Russia and travelling


rota 2 weeks on /2 weeks off  and 3 weeks on /3 weeks off depending on the family needs

8 working hours per day

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