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Ref.N/4876 Native English nanny-tutor for Barcelona || girl 3,5 ; boy 2 ;  new born child || Weekend job || EUR 15-20 per hour

Salary: 15-20 euro per hour


Native English nanny-tutor is needed for  3 children - a girl 3,5 years old and a boy 2 year old, and new born child.

The family considers the candidates who are based around Barcelona.

Duties: development of English language skills, general care, wardrobe care, feeding.

There is a Russian nanny who is mostly responsible for nanny duties, but the candidate is to be ready to do the nanny duties in case of need.

-  Greeting the children when they woke up (around 8am) and help them to get ready: brushing teeth, getting their clothes ready, support them with getting dressed, toileting, making the bed and leaving the room tidy.

- Some days exercises (stretching) before breakfast.

- Supervise them while having breakfast. Clean hands and face after breakfast. Put bowls, bibs... away.

- Spending the morning with the children, sometimes at home, sometimes  at the park with the family or to run errands all together. Get everything ready for these outings: water, wipes, tissues, jackets, etc.

- Supervise children while having lunch

- Put one of the children to sleep.

- Sometimes looking after new born baby.

- Wake up the children after their nap. Support one of them with getting dressed and supervise them while having a snack.

- Sometimes  in  the afternoon at home,  going to the park. In case of going out,  the governess to make sure to have  everything needed such as wipes, water, etc.

- If at home,  - focus on language development

- Supervise them while having dinner.

- Always make sure that they washed their hands before eating.

- Getting them ready for bed:  - brushing teeth, shower, cream on, pyjamas, reading a few stories and put her to sleep.

- Once they sleep around 10-10.30pm, Also doing the laundry for the children once they were sleeping at night.

SCHEDULE: weekend job (Saturday and Sunday), around 12 hours per day

SALARY:   15-20 euro per hour


Barcelona , Spain


Please contact tatianaenglishnanny@gmail.com, attach your current CV, photo and references. Also, state your current location and availability.


Reference no.



Barcelona , Spain



weekend job (Saturday and Sunday), around 12 hours per day

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