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Ref.N/4728 Governess/English Tutor in Belgorod + Travel || Girl 13 || Boy 4 || Parents || 6 days per week, 30 hours per week (unfixed) || GBP 800-1000

Salary: 800-1000 GBP per week


A family is looking for an experienced governess/English tutor for the whole family. The parents would like to have English lessons tailored to their specific needs and interests; the candidate needs to understand that they are very busy people, and the lessons will need to be arranged around their work schedules. Ultimate flexibility is required in this regard.

The children mostly will have regularly scheduled English lessons in the afternoons and evenings, but some flexibility also is required for the children’s tutoring schedules.

The boy (4) has a basic level of English and loves reading Julia Donaldson books. He can sing the English alphabet and recognizes many letters and their sounds. He especially enjoys educational crafts involving painting. Anything involving robots also interests him.

The girl (13) likes history and enjoys the Horrible Histories series. She also loves writing (She has a blog.), creating art, listening to music, and watching films; lessons structured around these interests would be appreciated.

The governess will prepare the girl for getting into boarding school and improve the boy's language skills by teaching him through conversation and play.


The girl has already passed some tests but the governess will need to assess her skills regularly. Experience in the field is required.

There are no Russian nannies.

The family travels during school holidays, and they like going to France.


The family prefers female candidates under 35 y.o.

Experience teaching English as a Second Language would be beneficial.

DUTIES: All duties around the children. The main goal is to develop the English language skills of the family. It is very important to make the children interested in the process and to share the children's interests.

Duties around the house and cooking are not involved.

LOCATION: Belgorod + travel

SALARY: 800-1000 GBP per week

SCHEDULE: 6 days per week, 30 hours per week (unfixed). When the family travels, the hours will be flexible. Some overnights with the children may be required.

ACCOMMODATION: A separate studio flat is provided when in Belgorod. When travelling, the family will attempt to have a separate room for the governess/tutor, but sometimes she may need to share a room with the eldest child.


Please contact tatianaenglishnanny@gmail.com, attach your current CV, photo and references. Also, state your current location and availability


Reference no.



Belgorod + travel


6 days per week, 30 hours per week (unfixed). When the family travels, the hours will be flexible. Some overnights with the children may be required.

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