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Ref.N/3719 Experienced British Teacher for Sakhalin (Russia) || GBP  3500 -4500 net per month

Salary: GBP  3500-4500  net per month depending on the qualification


Looking for a new challenge in your life? You have a fantastic opportunity to explore Sakhalin island!

ESL teachers are demanded

A private school startup project (nursery and pre-school) on the large Russian Island of Sakhalin is looking to employ an experienced British Teacher (or a Head-Teacher).

You may think that it is a remote place (yes, it's true), but you will find there a really big community of expats (British, Americans and French). The reason for that is that there are 3 giant oil corporations there. In fact you will live in an area for expats, wealthy Russians and highly qualified specialists. The place has a great infrastructure, different sport activities, mountain skiing. You will have an active social life there, make new friends. In return the school is asking from you the desire to work and long term commitment. The teachers that are working from us there for a year are saying that the school has very human face according to the holiday policy, free airplane tickets for those who is working long term with them and share the views. If you are qualified, active and full of energy please apply and have a great opportunity in your life as there can be no second chance. 

We've placed 4 British and 1 Chinese teacher there, all the teachers are very satisfied with conditions there.

Here is a happy feedback from one of our candidates who is currently working  there: УThank you so very much for suggesting this role to me as it is perfect! It is my 7th month now and I love it here. I am learning Russian (slowly) and I have adopted a рыжий кот! His name is Iolo and we are very happy here on the island in our beautiful home. I have made many friends here and I plan to stay for the full 3 years and possibly more. I am working closely with the director to help the progress of the school and thank you again for helping me find this role.Ф

Work conditions:

Job Title Ц Class Teacher 

The main purpose of the job is to provide world class education and support for the project development which secures its success and improvement, ensuring high quality education for all its pupils and good standards of learning and achievement.

        Х  Key ages to work with Ц Class Teacher is qualified and expected to teach all EYFS groups including Reception (Pre-Nursery (2-3), Nursery (3-4), Reception (4-5) and Primary School ages (KS-1 & KS-2 classes), in case of operational needs other ages (e.g. adults, private lessons etc.) both group and individual lessons.

       Х Work Schedule Ц 5/2 , 9 hours a day

       Х  Annual Leave Entitlement - 44 calendar daysТ holiday including compensation for irregular working hours (as per schedule approved by employer). If no approval of school Director for holiday obtained, holiday and all related expenses are taken at employees personal account and are not compensated by Employer.

       Х   Lunch time Ц with the kids, flexible addressing teaching needs (as per school schedule). Lunch is paid.

       Х   Public holidays as per Russian national calendar are non-working days. Employee might be requested to work public holidays if there is an operational need (at employer request, overtime will be calculated or under time can be used to offset). Overtime is paid as er time sheet.

       Х  Termination by either party Ц Termination and notice period should be included into the contract, giving equal terms to both parties, not less than 3 monthsТ notice of intention to resign.

       Х   Probation period Ц 3 months from the date of permanent working visa obtained / start date on the island.

       Х  Mobilisation/Demobilisation Flights Ц Provided, economy class from home country place of departure (Country capital or closed location with direct flight option to Moscow) to Russia, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and demobilization from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk through Moscow to home country only.

       Х  Visa -   Visa and visa related costs (medical costs to obtain visa, visa costs) are compensated by the employer.

       Х   Sick Leave Days Off Ц 5 working days paid sick leave allowance per annum (from the date of employment).

       Х   Accommodation Ц provided, Studio Apartment (within 10 mins walk from work), including utilities, internet (wifi).

Pls. see below some details on accommodation and surroundings.

Living complex Ц http://sakhrent.ru/

Strawberry Hills is a modern housing development located in the southern suburbs of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, in an ecologically comfortable area of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Fresh air, water, well-groomed territory Ц are not only our values, we can surely say that our complex is one of the most comfortable places to stay in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Apartment Ц http://sakhrent.ru/catalog/product/12/

Citi Mall & Concert hall Ц http://city-mall.ru/about/

       Х   Local SIM-card provided (compensated within Company limits, no international roaming). Phone could be provided by request.

       Х   Lap top is provided.

       Х   Employer provides employees different trainings (HSE, leadership, Russian language etc). 

       Х   Whilst in Sakhalin employee will be fully covered under PSS/OrionТs Medical Insurance, this will allow you access to the ISOS clinic and provide you with 24hrs medivac and repatriation coverage.

       Х   Employer (PSS) will help you to set up a Russian Bank Account and ensure that you could make money transfer to your home country.

       Х    Employer (PSS) will provide you with assistance to obtain your visa and work permit.

Salary:  GBP  3500 - 4500 net per month depending on the qualification

The ideal candidate is to:

Х    Have PGCE teaching qualification or Early years/Primary Education with at least 3 years experience.

Х   Be highly experienced with very young learners.

Х  Previous references will be required. Current DBS and First Aid certificates.

How to apply:

please contact tatianaenglishnanny@gmail.com attach your current CV, photo and references. Also state current location and availability.




Reference no.



Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia


5/2 , 9 hours a day

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