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Ref N/ 4431 Qualified British Teacher  or British Couple for  Boy 4 years old for Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi|| 5/2 , 8 hours a day||  5000-6500 pounds a month

Salary: 5000-6500 pounds a month


Qualified British or  British Couple  is needed for  boy 4 years old

the boy already speaks and understands english

Only qualified teachers with experience of early years are considered

The boy has also German Governess

After successful interview  the candidate  is to be ready to pass medical examination in  Russia.

Duties:  The main target is to develop the boy and give him the knowledge that  isequivalent to British standard of education .

All the nursery job is done by Russian nannies  but the person is to be confident and be able to it herself in case of need

Location: Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi

Schedule: 5/2 , 8 hours a day

It is 8 hour day but usually the Governess works less and sometimes less than 5 days a week .

Salary: 5000-6500 pounds a month

Accommodation; separate accommodation is provided



Please contact ekaterinaenglishnanny@gmail.com, attach your current CV, photo and references. Also, state your current location and availability


Ref N/ 4431


Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi


5/2 , 8 hours a day


5000-6500 pounds a month

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By applying through English Nanny, you will receive professional and friendly support at every step; during the job search, before you start the job and whist you are working! Your Personal Placement Manager is always ready to answer your questions regarding the interview, visa process, contract, pre-departure preparations, tickets and any other queries you may have. Our services are free for you; it’ll just increase your chances to get a job. You take care of our clients and English Nanny will take care of you.







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