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Whether you choose to hire British, French, Filipino or Russian nanny or a will known Italian chef, you can be assured that our specialists are the very best in their field and highly qualified.


Quality control

Whilst there are no international standards for domestic staff recruitment, we use the standards demanded by our customers as the defining criteria of our success.

Quality criteria:

  • the timely handling of requests .
  • free consultations on the state of the job market and on how to make an application .
  • minimizing unnecessary use of the client's time during  the selection process by providing an individual consultant to help ensure the smooth and accurate completion of a job offer when dealing with several potential candidates .
  • showing a real understanding and empathy, maintaining an open, polite and considerate partner-like relationship with the client.
  • making effective use of technology .
  • regularly informing the client of  any significant developments for each request.
  • maintaining strict confidentiality .
  • demanding the highest level of professionalism  from our consultants .
  • providing client satisfaction proven by the end result .

We pay careful attention to quality control by providing a special quality service, whereby you can contact us instantly in the event of any misunderstanding s or issues that may occasionally arise.

We will listen to any of your concerns and the situation will be analysed  carefully. We will then send you a detailed report at the earliest opportunity of our advice on how to resolve any issue.







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