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Whether you choose to hire British, French, Filipino or Russian nanny or a will known Italian chef, you can be assured that our specialists are the very best in their field and highly qualified.


Our advantages

Why choose English Nanny?

1. We exclusively represent and are closely associated with the most well renowned and established prestigious governess and teacher recruitment agency namely London Nannies in London. English Nanny is it's one and only official representative.

2. We are accredited for providing excellent service across the whole world by the International Nanny Association.

3. We endeavour to offer the best mutual working conditions and agreements and guarantee if such a case arises, to find a replacement employee in the shortest possible time wwithout taking further registration fees because our aim is for total customer satisfaction.

4. We speak Your language.

5. We have more than 30 years experience of providing an impeccable service and already have thousands of satisfied and grateful families around the world.

6. Distinguished English candidates of good character prefer to seek jobs only with ENGLISH NANNY, with whom we have been associated with and done business with for many years. We are so discerning in our recruitment process  that on average, for every 300 applicants ,only one applicant's CV will remain in our database. Having said that, we still possess the largest database of nannies and governesses working exclusively for us.

7. We can arrange an interview anywhere in the world.

8. We are the most experienced specialists in the field of children's bilingual education.

9. We support our clients every step of the way, including the employee's visa application and support with accommodation. Your individually assigned manager is ready to reply to you and answer any of your urgent questions at any time of day.

10. We aim to get it right first time, although naturally we provide an employee replacement service in the event of illness or for any other unexpected reason. On average, only one client in 20 has ever had to use this service.

11. Our commission fee is less than our competitors and is only taken for the first year of employment.. The majority of our employees stay with the same family for many years.

12. We work not only in the Russian Federation and CIS, but across the whole of Europe to include  the UK ,France, Italy and Monaco, the whole of Asia and the Middle East. We are a truly international company with in London, Moscow, Paris, Hong-Kong, and Dubai.. We work not only in the Russian Federation and CIS, but across the whole of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We are an international company with offices in (hyperlink) London, Moscow, Paris, Hong-Kong, Dubai.







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