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Whether you choose to hire British, French, Filipino or Russian nanny or a will known Italian chef, you can be assured that our specialists are the very best in their field and highly qualified.


CRB/PGG checks

The background on CRB / PVG checks

CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checks are searches through criminal records and other sources, including the Police National Computer. They can be very helpful when making a hiring decision, because they can uncover potential warning signs about candidates. Whatever type of carer an employer is looking for, a CRB check can help reveal things like criminal conduct. In Scotland these are called PVG checks.

The importance of CRB / PVG checks

Reviewing CRB checks is a key step in finding quality care because it can reveal information that wouldnt come up during in-depth interviews or reference checking.. Candidates with nursery experience, OFSTED-registered candidates, and all childminders should have recent CRB checks. Candidates studying childcare or early years education who have worked in nurseries to complete their qualifications should also have recent CRB checks. Other types of candidates who have worked with children or vulnerable adults should have recent CRB checks as well. This is also true of PVG checks in Scotland.

Documents and certificates

The candidate is to provide English Nanny with CRB / PVG Check, First Aid Certificate, Childminder Certificate, CV, Drivers Licence and references.

Managing your documents is easy:

1. Take clear photos of your documents or scan them.

2. Be sure to black out any information you do not want to share, such as your NI number or your exact address.

3. Send it to your personal manager in English Nanny .  

Whats covered in both a standard and an enhanced CRB check

  • Standard Disclosure
  • Unspent convictions
  • Spent convictions
  • Cautions, warnings, reprimands
  • Enhanced Disclosure
  • Unspent convictions
  • Spent convictions
  • Cautions, warnings, reprimands
  • Childrens barred list
  • Vulnerable adults barred list
  • Relevant information held by the police forces



CRB/PVG checks with English Nanny:

The potential family has a right to request an update CRB on the candidate.  

Once a family has submitted a request for a CRB or PVG check our dedicated team will contact you directly to provide you with more information and take you through the process. The team will process the check on your behalf and communicate the results to you and the family once the check is completed.







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