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Whether you choose to hire British, French, Filipino or Russian nanny or a will known Italian chef, you can be assured that our specialists are the very best in their field and highly qualified.


English Nanny

We are the best recruiting agency for selecting childcare experts from abroad for educating and caring for your child from their most tender age up until their enrollment in the most prestigious university. We are already celebrating 30 years of work in this very complex field.

The children educated by our nannies and governesses who have long ago become adults themselves and now choose nannies from our agency for their own children. Additionally, we also offer the best foreign language teachers, tutors, and domestic workers conforming to the highest level of international standards developed long ago in Victorian England in the 19th century which remain unsurpassed to this day.

Our 10 offices in 5 countries around the world, our professional team of 100 people, and our unique experience are all factors that have made us leaders in this exclusive and upscale market segment.

We receive thousands of job applications from candidates interested in being nannies, but, on average, only 1 in 300 is accepted into our database. This gives a 100% guarantee to both us and employers of the exceptional reliability and professionalism of those we allow to work with those who are most precious to us Ц our children.

All nannies, governesses, and teachers are not only superior natives of a foreign language, but also possess necessary training in the fields of pedagogy and child psychology, and understand how to teach a child basic etiquette and aristocratic politeness, which are valued and considered, undoubtedly, necessary for elite families all over the globe.

The offices of English Nanny provide services to clients all over the world by fully using the resources of our main office, which is located in London.

The main function of the agency is the selection and placement of pedagogical personnel, specifically, nannies, teachers, tutors, as well as domestic services/personnel for clients all over the world. Company staff have significant experience in the field of job placement and have not only rich experience, but also an excellent knowledge of this field.

Our database contains thousands of potential candidates and thus, we have a deep selection of qualified, experienced workers specializing in various fields who have diverse training and experience in working with a variety of children.

The nannies and governesses from Great Britain that we place for employment have undergone special training in caring for and educating children and possess the necessary qualifications in the field of child development. We meet with and interview each of them before suggesting them to a client. We work with many of them on a long-term basis and settle them with families from all over the world from whom they receive wonderful recommendations. They teach etiquette, proper manners, and literate and polite communication in English. Many nannies possess pedagogical experience with young children and can help children prepare their schoolwork. Our nannies and governesses undergo criminal database checks, including CRB checks, and are certified to perform first-aid.

English for children is a combination of the right skills and a properly matched emotional approach to each child.

The employees that we offer our clients go through a long check process by our office staff before being entered into our database of nannies, governesses, and teachers.







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