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Whether you choose to hire British, French, Filipino or Russian nanny or a will known Italian chef, you can be assured that our specialists are the very best in their field and highly qualified.


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What we do

As a leading international home staffing recruitment agency, we aim to make a thousand s of family's  lives around the world more calm and comfortable. We assure you that English Nanny is an expert in the field of recruiting nannies and governesses for children's bilingual education and care. We guide and support our clients each step of the way, including the application of the employee's visa support and guidance regarding accommodation if needed. Our managers are ready to respond to any urgent issues at any time of day.

English Nanny provides a vast array of at least 20 different services. The qualities of our nannies and governesses well exceed the minimum requirements by a large margin.

As a specialist recruiter our aim is total satisfaction.

At English Nanny we are constantly looking for  real specialists who are ready not only to invest their time  ,but are ready to commit their heart and soul into providing  the full service that you are looking for bbecause  our main client base is primarily very influential  families that have a big impact on the world economy. We know that our team's combined work experience and well-defined employment ideologies allow us to help such families find the most suitable and dedicated staff who will contribute and impact a meaningful education  to those who may go on to become top business managers and  possibly even rulers of the country !

English Nanny is proud to have strict  a quality-control service in place  which always provides discerning  and articulate specialists to fulfil your exact requirements.

We also employ qualified personal chefs, housekeepers and butlers. We are experts in facilitating the smooth and effective immigration of Russian Federation and CIS citizens to the UK. We can help you select the best real estate agents in the UK and make all the necessary legal arrangements when renting, purchasing or selling a property.

Furthermore, with the help of our associated group of companies, we can provide the best Russian-speaking or bi-lingual concierge services in the United Kingdom.







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